E-commerce Certificate Level 4

E-commerce Certificate Level 4

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E-commerce Certificate Level 4


Building an online presence that is effective is very crucial to the growth of a business as it gives organisations access to hundreds or thousands of local or international customers who are shopping online, searching, interacting, and sharing. The Oxford Business School Certificate in E-Commerce will teach learners how to conduct business online and manage the technical issues associated with constructing an e-commerce Web site. Participants will learn about the similarities and differences between traditional and electronic commerce, and they will explore e-commerce technologies at various skill level. This E-Commerce Certificate course, helps participants gain a comprehensive review of E-Commerce, how to manage and sell on a Marketplace, after Sales Management, Customer Engagement and much more.

This certificate course will help all individual who own a business increase their knowledge and understanding of what marketing of products and services online involves and how to go about implementing a marketing strategy that is successful online. Upon completion of this course, you will learn how to launch and manage your own online businesses. You will have a good understanding of the E-commerce techniques and be more familiar with E-commerce.


This online training course is comprehensive and designed to show participants how to build a marketing plan for an online store and promote e-commerce online business. This certificate course in e-Commerce is designed to provide participants with the required skills needed to develop and manage a thriving e-commerce business. Developed by Oxford Business School, this e-Commerce course will cover different range of topics and provide learners with a foundational understanding that is solid. This course will equip learners with broad-based knowledge from various fields such as IT, marketing, e-Commerce, business, and business communication. Participants will acquire the essential marketing and e-Commerce skills for the new knowledge-based economy.

Course Benefits

At the end of this certificatecourse, you will be awarded with a Certificate in E-Commerce, and will also be able to:

  • Describe how the Internet can help a business attract customers and encourage growth.
  • Run a profitable e-commerce operations with low running costs and exposure to millions of customers.
  • Build an E-commerce store with product pages, supporting features, a shopping cart, and a checkout process that is effective.
  • Use the right tools to track key metrics in e-commerce.
  • Create a marketing plan with all the vital elements.
  • Protect intellectual properties and identify the various rules and regulations that govern an e-commerce business.

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