Family Management Certificate Level 4

Family Management Certificate Level 4

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Family Management Certificate Level 4


Managing a family is a deliberate cultivation of beauty and productivity in family relationships. Family management is about ensuring that various families feel comfortable and loved. A happy family is about celebrating every member of the family, and ensuring everyone is safe. Anyone can be born into a family. Not everyone bothers to manage family issues and take care of other family members.Oxford Business School diploma in Family Management is a unique and innovative course which is designed to help students rediscover the value and impact of managing families. The Diploma in Family Management builds your skills and knowledge in finding and interpreting information about your family members or even anyone else’s.

The Diploma aims to channel both the practical and philosophical aspects of managing and caring of a family. The course will delve into the appreciation of beauty of a healthy family, creating an atmosphere for celebrations in a healthy home, nurturing authentic relationships between family members and healthy family traditions. Oxford Business School believes that individuals having a healthy family are upholding the dignity of human by humanising our society and shaping our culture.


This diploma course will provide students with the ability to differentiate both, in identity and action, and differentiate between home and family. This course also provides the learner with an overview of the skills, techniques, and approaches required to effectively manage various family issues. You will also learn about different cultures and how it can address the issues between family members when providing family management services to diverse cultural groups. This diploma course will be of great interest to all counsellors who would like to learn more about good family management practices and techniques that help protect and maintain a healthy and safe family members in any family setting.

Course Benefits

At the end of this diploma course, you will be awarded with a Family Management Diploma, and will also be able to:

  • Learn how to manage various families for counselling.
  • Study the events involved in ensuring a that family issues are solved and a home environment is secure for members.
  • Learn the principles of protecting adults and children that are vulnerable in the family
  • Develop your skills to meet various family needs for individuals.
  • Identify factors which causes family issues.
  • Identify the responsibilities each family members.
  • Cite factors that determine the relationship level between family members, and so on.

Course Reviews

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